Jenkins CI: deploying to JFrog Artifactory

What is best-cost country sourcing? (Quora)

JFrog Artifactory as the backbone for a continuous delivery tool chain

Jenkins CI and HTTPS certificates (starting and accessing Jenkins)

how to upgrade a docker container after its image changed?

I am using a Docker container for a GitLab CE installation. The GitLab installation inside tells me “update asap“. How do I deal with that?

  • should I wait for an update of the Docker container image? (that’s what the article title refers to)
  • will that update preserve my data already living inside the container?
  • alternatively: how to update the GitLab installation myself? (I find the update request rather urgent)
  • – instructions for zero downtime updates

I wasn’t able to find any gitlab related APT / Debian package I could even try to update.

running my own GitLab …

Exciting question: how to integrate my own “legacy” git repos hosted “at home” as well?

Once I will have over come that obstacle, creating markdown documentation for my own git repos and its utilities will climb to another peak LOL.

Docker GitLab container creation: The e-mail address and password refer(red) to root.

Maybe you want to create your ordinary user account as root and also make your ordinary user account an admin account.

Abolish auto user account creation!

What a pity, that docker gitlab does not let me communicate with the web interface via https per se!

What a pity, I don’t know yet, how to ssh into …!

Albert Einstein on imagination and logic

Google calendar: you can easily export the entire calendar to ICS but not a single event

10 tough interview questions and answers – what to say if you get asked these tricky interview questions

macOS: most of my keyboard shortcuts did not work temporarily – restarting Mission Control did the job

Worked for me on High Sierra, long after Lion.

$ killall Dock
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