Oracle Instant Client: “free, light-weight, and easily installed Oracle Database tools, libraries and SDKs for building and connecting applications to an Oracle Database instance”

mintty is a terminal emulator for cygwin, …, and for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

updating my cygwin installation left me in trouble again — was: Microsoft Windows and the X Window System

$ startxwin

I usually prefer the rootless way.

My applications nowadays “usually” run on a Linux (Debian, …) system or AIX.

Update 2018-04-18: After some cygwin updating startxwin prefers to shut down immediately instead of offering me a menu (“xwin-xdg-menu … — an XDG Desktop Menu Specification menu“) in the system tray. I only use it for starting a Cygwin terminal. How bad, I wasn’t able to recall the name of that menu. You cannot search, what you cannot name.

I had no idea, that startxwin uses this start-up file: /etc/X11/xinit/startxwinrc . The last utility called there usually makes X wait for ever, but it faulted:


This is an alternative way to start X / my fallback solution:

$ xinit — -multiwindow -clipboard

Within a shell window started there I ran:

$ strace /usr/bin/xwin-xdg-menu

It said, there was a problem with  cygfreetype-6.dll . This weg page tells you, which cygwin packages include the file in question:

I reinstalled that package, and everything was fine.

Any lesson learned? The cygwin updating silently (?!?) left at least one corrupt file (again …). Quite hard to find out, which one was concerned. I reinstalled that package within cygwin set-up, and my problem was solved. I cost me a couple of hours — and I did not need the thrill, trust me!

Cygwin Ports

how to create a Debian package from an RPM package? “rpm2deb”

I moved the content to a wiki article, so this article is a little obsolete.

Open questions:

  • how to deal with dependencies specified within the RPM package?

“Debian package management” on my wiki

some of my cygwin utilities started yielding exit code 127 — resolved by a proper reinstallation of cygwin base

CAVEAT: Always do a cygwin update outside cygwin:

c:...\Downloads> .\setup-x86_64.exe --no-admin

I do my cygwin set-up with command line option --no-admin, as I do not have admin rights on that Windows box, so that’s the only way to achieve my personal cygwin installation.

I download the file setup-x86_64.exe to the above directory from using my browser. That way I can call it in a cmd.exe window with command line options.

CAVEAT: Whenever the cygwin set-up complains about files it failed to install, do not ignore the complaint! You can find the full complaints in /var/log/setup.log.full within your cygwin installation — but only after the creator of the file closed its write access.

My cygwin64 cache is located here:


Every cygwin mirror has its own subdirectory tree there.

I tried downloading the missing files into the right location of my preferred mirror myself. Looked alright. But when the cygwin set-up tried to make use of the files, it found they were corrupt.

Then I downloaded the missing files “somewhere else” and copied them over to the cygwin cache. The cygwin set-up ran all through without any complaints, now I have a clean and working installation. Happy … finally.

prepositions in the English language: “I replaced my car *with* a newer model”

The right preposition here is “with”, not “by”, which I am always tempted to use.

Microsoft Visio

VSDX = “OPC/XML drawing” – looks like my new preferred diagramming exchange format. It is at least OOXML-flavoured: is able to import and export diagrams as VSDX.

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