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origins of the surname Hayek

There are (at least) two origins of the surname Hayek.

In the Czech language, where it is actually und originally written Hájek, it is the diminutive of Hag, so it means little forest. So why is it now written as Hayek? Because outside Bohemia and Moravia[1] (esp. in German speaking countries) it got terribly mispronounced.

In Arabic it means weaver[2]. But beware: there are obviously a couple of transcriptions of that Arabic word from the Arabic script to the Latin script.

So far all Hayek-s listed here say, their surnames are from the Czech root.

If your surname is also Hayek, and you want to get sort of involved here, contact me!

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[1] where the roots of the family are said to be

[2] as far as I know – correct me, if I am wrong!