Jochen Hayek

Augsburger Str. 33
D-10789 Berlin

E-Mail: recruiting (AT)

Professional Objective

Linux system administration, DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Terraform), supporting CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD), build and release management incl. the deployment process and repository management (JFrog Artifactory).

Script development on UNIX (incl. Linux, AIX, Apple macOS and Solaris), Cygwin and BusyBox in Shell (bash, zsh, ksh, ash), Perl, Python, and Ruby.

I would like to implement yet another parser using ANTLR.

I would like to implement lots of useful command line tools in the Go programming language (or Perl or Python or Rust).

Developing reports using JasperReports.

Querying details from XML data using XPath and XQuery.

Developing XML specifications using RELAX NG.


Languages: German (as a native speaker), English, French.

Shells: bash, Korn shell (ksh), Almquist Shell (ash), Bourne shell (sh), zsh, C-shell (csh).

Interpreted Programming Languages: Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk+expect, awk, snobol/ spitbol, various LISP-s including xlisp.

CI/CD: GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, CruiseControl.

Repository Management: JFrog Artifactory.

File Transfer Software: rsync, curl, wget, ....

Various other UNIX utilities (Shell Scripting Utilities): sed, seq, ....

Processing Virtualisation (VMs): Oracle VirtualBox, VMware.

Unix-like Operating Systems: macOS, Linux(SuSE, Redhat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu), SysV R4, Solaris, BSD, SunOS, Cygwin.

Other Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows..., VMS, BS2000.

Relational Databases: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Informix, GeminiRDBMS.

Reporting Software / Business Intelligence: JasperReports, iReport, JasperReports Server.

Software Testing: Selenium(acquired at (2010-10), supplemented by own read-up), Expect(the Tcl extension).

Compiled Programming Languages: CRustGo, Ada, Modula-2, Pascal.

Assembly Languages: Intel 8080, Motorola 68k, IBM 370.

Compiler Construction Kits: LEX, YACC, GNU bison, regular expressions, DIANA, IDL, Attribute Grammar Systems.

Batch Control Software: GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins, AutoSys, crontab.

Configuration Management incl. Source Code Control Software: git, Subversion, CVS, RCS.

Build Management / Make Tools: make, rake(make à la Ruby), Ant.

Text Publishing Using Markup Languages (Typesetting): markdown, DocBook, texinfo, troff (mm, man, me, ms).

Text Publishing Using WYSIWIG (Word Processors): Open Office, Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, Interleaf.

Spreadsheet Software: Microsoft Excel, Lotus-123.

Markup_Languages / {XML,SGML}: Ant, xmlresume, DocBook.

CASE – computer-aided software engineering: methodologies, graphical design and specification tools, documentation tools, code generation tools.

CASE: methods for specification, design: automaton and finite state machine, class and inheritance, composition, entity-relationship model.

CASE: design and specification tools: Teamwork (SA/RT), SADT.

Employment History

December 2023-Present - uni-assist (Berlin, Germany) - Linux System Engineer, DevOps Engineer (freelance)


September 2023-November 2023 - IQTIG = Institut für Qualitätssicherung und Transparenz im Gesundheitswesen (Berlin, Germany) - Linux System Engineer, DevOps Engineer (freelance)


May 2023-August 2023 - BNotK = Bundesnotarkammer (Berlin, Germany) - Linux System Engineer, DevOps Engineer (freelance)


May 2021-April 2023 - KVBB – Brandenburg Doctors' Clearing House (Potsdam, Germany) - Linux System Engineer, DevOps Engineer (employed for a limited period)

Linux system administration for RHEL and CentOS Linux servers, Spacewalk

MySQL DB administration using MySQL Workbench

issue tracking using Redmine (its markup language: Textile) and TOPdesk

VMware vSphere for hosting the Linux VMs


Windows Subsystem for Linux

Microsoft OneNote

Atlassian Confluence

password manager software: Netwrix Password Secure FKA MATESO Password Safe



September 2020-April 2021 - atene KOM GmbH (Berlin, Germany) - Linux System Engineer, DevOps Engineer (employed on a temporary basis)

DevOps sysadmin for Linux servers and desktop PCs (Ubuntu)



June 2019-August 2020 - Volkswagen / communardo (Wolfsburg, Germany) - JFrog Artifactory and Atlassian Supporter and Administrator (freelance)

JFrog Artifactory; Atlassian: JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, SonarQube, Bitbucket, Crowd, HipChat. Windows 10, Outlook, Skype, Cygwin, git, the Java universe


November 2018-April 2019 - (European railways business) (Mannheim, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

JFrog Artifactory, APT repository technology (aptly). Debian Linux, Windows, Cygwin, git. CI/CD, Jenkins. DokuWiki


August 2017-September 2018 - European Energy Exchange (Leipzig, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Oracle DB, Perl, Bash, Debian Linux, Windows, Cygwin, git, GitLab


June 2017-July 2017 - Searchmetrics (Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

replacing their crawler software n3-audit-crawler



January 2017-March 2017 - Commerz Finanz (Munich, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Sofico Miles, JasperReports, Oracle



August 2016-December 2016 - TDK EPCOS (Munich, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Web development in Perl + JavaScript + Bootstrap + HTML + CSS + PostgreSQL under openSUSE Linux



September 2015-July 2016 - Dräger Safety (Lübeck, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer / Jenkins etc supporter (freelance)

work environment: Windows 7, Cygwin

using Jenkins (CI/CD) as job control environment, amongst others also for Build Management

scripting in Python, Perl, Bash, .bat

XML technology: XPath through Python, XPath through XMLStarlet, XQuery

using Atlassian's JIRA and Atlassian's Confluence



October 2012-June 2015 - (A Major Player in the Logistics and Supply Chain) (Hamburg, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer / global technical EDI chief supporter (freelance)

the main task: trouble shooting lots of irregular occasions and involved Korn shell and Perl scripts

perl, Shell (Korn Shell), Makefile, EDISTAR, Request Tracker AKA RT, CVS, AIX

perl: TAP (the Test Anything Protocol), Test::More

Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16

NAS administration


April 2012-July 2012 - (a medium-sized business in the e-commerce sector) (Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Jaspersoft's report generation software suite (iReport, JasperReports (BI)); PostgreSQL, SQL.

developing software using Perl on Linux.

using Subversion for version and release mananagement.

February 2012-March 2012 - Aleph Soft GmbH (Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer

web/HTML scraping (ETL)


November 2011-December 2011 - Deutsche Bank Suisse (Geneva, Switzerland) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

scripting file transfers


October 2011-October 2011 - MySailingGuide (Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

web/HTML scraping (ETL)


August 2011-September 2011 - Loyalty Partner (Munich, Bavaria, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

configuration, build, and deployment management: using the Python scripting language, Maven, Oracle WebLogic Server


June 2011-July 2011 - groupon (Berlin, Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Jaspersoft's report generation software suite (iReport, JasperReports (BI)); PostgreSQL, SQL.

using Subversion for version and release mananagement; methodology: Agile / Scrum.


November 2010-May 2011 - Real Garant (Zurich Group) (Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

developing software using Perl and Java on Linux, PDF forms; Jaspersoft's report generation software suite (iReport, JasperReports (BI)).


November 2009-May 2010 - Hamburger Sparkasse (Hamburg, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer and trouble-shooting (freelance)

developing software using the Python scripting language and also Java, using Oracle 10, all on Microsoft Windows; trouble-shooting.

using Subversion for version and release mananagement methodology: Agile / Scrum.


May 2008-August 2009 - Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Kassel+Munich, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

developing real-time software in Ada (Aonix's ObjectAda) on Linux and Microsoft Windows, targeted towards an embedded system, communicating there using the CANopen API over a fieldbus called CAN bus (API).

creating Ada code from my CANopen XML using Perl, shell, and Ruby Makefiles AKA Rakefiles.


March 2008-April 2008 - Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (Bremen, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

developing software in Ada (GNU Ada AKA GNAT) and C on Debian Linux.

Ada, shell, and Ruby Makefiles AKA Rakefiles.


August 2007-December 2007 - ImmobilienScout (Berlin, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer and trouble-shooter in "Build&Release&Deploy" (freelance)

maintaining resp. developing Ruby, Perl, Ant, ... scripts; tagging releases in Subversion; managing hot fixes; issue tracking systems; enhancing the documentation in the wiki; operating systems: Linux (Redhat resp. CentOS), Microsoft Windows; CI/CD (CruiseControl), OS virtualisation (VMware).

Ruby, Perl, shell, and Ruby Makefiles AKA Rakefiles.

July 2006-September 2006 - HP (Böblingen, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

software development: UNIX, SGML, shell, Perl, C, DSSSL (SGML style sheets), processing virtualisation (VMware)

April 2006-June 2006 - orange.NL (wanadoo) (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Senior Software Engineer, OSS staff (freelance)

Perl, shell, enhancing the documentation in the wiki, OSS: production monitoring using Big Brother, operating systems: Solaris

April 2002-July 2007 - Allianz Asset Management, InvestmentDataServices (Munich, Bavaria, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer, OSS (incl. trouble-shooting) staff (freelance)

Perl, DBI, shell scripts (bash, zsh), Oracle, PostgreSQL, UNIX (Solaris); training staff. trouble-shooting.



December 1998-June 2001 - Commerzbank Frankfurt, Investment Banking, Risk Management (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer, OSS (incl. trouble-shooting) staff (freelance)

OSS: Panorama Collateral (collateral management), RiskWatch and more Risk Management systems; add-ons in shell (bash), Perl, CGI, UNIX (Solaris). trouble-shooting.

January 1998-December 1998 - Derwent Information (Thomson Information) (London, United Kingdom) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

data conversion in Perl; shell (bash); web GUI in Perl/CGI; UNIX (Solaris); Y2K work.

developed IMAP utilities using the Python scripting language.

July 1997-December 1997 - Salomon Brothers (CitiGroup) (London, United Kingdom) - Senior Software Engineer, OSS staff (freelance)


March 1997-July 1997 - Zurich Insurance (BAT Group); the risk management department (Zürich, Switzerland) - Senior Software Engineer and trouble-shooting (freelance)

RiskWatch: OSS, customer add-ons in Perl, shell (bash), automating their data retrieval; operating systems: UNIX (Solaris)

August 1996-February 1997 - Agfa-Gevaert (Antwerpen, Belgium) - Senior Software Engineer, configuration manager (freelance)


May 1996-August 1996 - GLI (Munich, Bavaria, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

GUI implementation in Tcl/Tk for an EDI / EDIFACT system; supplying extensions to the Tcl system, actually in C++; creating a GUI using the Tk library resp. API; shell (bash); setting up a source code control system based on RCS; training staff on that; operating systems: UNIX (Solaris).

February 1996-April 1996 - Peek Traffic (Manchester, United Kingdom) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

implementing test suites in Tcl and expect; training staff in Tcl/Tk, expect, UNIX, shell, GNU emacs; operating systems: UNIX.

December 1995-January 1996 - Deutsche Telekom, R&D (Berlin, Germany) - a mixed software role (freelance)

NNTP server, Apache – software porting, set up, and training

April 1995-September 1995 - EADS / DASA Space Division (ERNO) (Bremen, Germany) - Senior Software Engineer (freelance)

Ada, C, Oracle, xview GUI library.


February 1995-March 1995 - Technomedia GmbH (Berlin, Germany) - HTML programmer (freelance)



1994-1994 - Sietec Systemtechnik; Project Compact Archive (Berlin, Germany) - software engineer (permanent)

customization, scripting in awk and Perl, maintaining software in C++ and shell (bash, ksh)

1992-1993 - Sietec Systemtechnik; Project IN-DBPT (Berlin, Germany) - software engineer


1989-1992 - Sietec Systemtechnik; Project OSCAR - software for CT and MRT medical systems (Berlin, Germany) - software engineer

the CT (AKA computed axial tomography scan and the MRT (AKA magnetic resonance tomography medical systems were to run on workstations by Sun Microsystems.

the workstations were equipped with the Solaris operating system (a member of the Unix family of operating systems), the software being written in the C programming language.

the GUI was to get implemented using Sun's XView widget toolkit, XView providing an Open Look user interface for the X Window System, with an object-oriented API for the C programming language. XView followed NeWS, Sun Microsystems' revolutionary windowing system based on PostScript, i.e. not based on the the X Window System.

using the TeamworkCASE system on Sun … Workstations (following the OOA/OOD methods of Yourdon/ DeMarco and Ward-Mellor).



October 1988-1989 - Sietec Systemtechnik; Kleinod's Ada Competence Center (Berlin, Germany) - consultant

Ada lectures, compiler evaluation, ...

March 1988-September 1988 - Sietec Systemtechnik; the Gemini RDBMS (Berlin, Germany) - software engineer

Ada, C, shell (ksh, sh, msh), awk: implementation of the Gemini (later BiiN) Relational DBMS in Ada on OSIRIS.

1987-February 1988 - PCS (Kienzle, Mannesmann), Jürgen Gulbin's office (Karlsruhe, Germany) - junior programmer


1987-1987 - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Röhrich's institute (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help


1987-1987 - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft / GMD, the Modula-2 group (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help


1985-1986 - Siemens, E85G, Project Gemini (Nuremberg, Germany) - junior programmer


1983-1985 - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft / GMD, the Karlsruhe Ada Compiler group (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help

runtime systems, code generators; work done in C, Ada, compiler construction tools, and assembly language (also: shell); under UNIX, BS2000, VMS, bare 68000 based micro processor environment.

1982-1983 - University of Karlsruhe, Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Goos's chair ("compiler construction and programming languages"), the Karlsruhe Ada Compiler group (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help

bits and pieces of the Karlsruhe Adacompiler targeted at the Siemens BS2000, the Motorola 68000, and the Vax (also: shell).


1981-1982 - University of Karlsruhe, Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Wettstein's chair ("operating systems") (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help


1980-1981 - University of Karlsruhe, data center (Karlsruhe, Germany) - research help

programming languages (Fortran, Algol) consulting hours;



Professional Memberships


Courses, I attended:

2023-09-20: Agile for Everybody,

2023-08-29: Google Cloud Essentials,

2023-08-24: Go in 4 Hours,

2023-08-23: Python Environments and Best Practices,

2023-08-22: ITIL Foundation Essentials ITIL 4 Edition - The ultimate revision guide, second edition,

2023-08-17: AWS Command Line Essentials,

2023-08-11: Learn How to Program with JavaScript,

2023-08-08..09: Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate Certification Crash Course by Benjamin Muschko (involved aws),

2023-08-02: Rust in 4 Hours by Andy Olsen,

2021-03-09: Kubernetes in 4 Hours by Sander van Vugt

2021-03-05..09: Hands-on Kubernetes by Sander van Vugt,

2021-02-11..23: Docker for the Absolute Beginner by Mannambeth Mumshad,

2021-03-24: Mastering systemd by Sander van Vugt,

2021-01-20: Automating with Ansible" AKA "Ansible Advanced by Sander van Vugt,

2021-01-19: Ansible in 4 Hours by Sander van Vugt,

2011-07 (4 days) : Jaspersoft v4.1 Technical Training JasperReports, Jaspersoft ETL resp. Talend … ETL



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